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What Is the Best Dishwasher


Dishwashers streamline your work in the kitchen, and, more to the point, they impact your budget to your advantage.  If interested in what is the best dishwasher available on the market, first you have to know the technicalities that power their performance and then whether the models you consider comply with your previously delineated demands.

How to choose the best dishwasher


dish1The best dishwashers in 2014 might very well match your expectations. But, at their turn, expectations must be realistic and take into account how much space you are willing to sacrifice for accommodating the washer in your kitchen. The capacity of the dishwasher is also important. In brief, size and volume matter.

For large families, built-in dishwashers, drawer dishwashers and tall tub dishwashers are the best choices. They measure 24 inches and accommodate 12 to 14 five-piece settings.  The regular built-in model fits below the counter, whereas drawers, i.e. simple-drawers and double-drawers, can take in both small and large loads, while also proving increased ease of use. Tall tub dishwashers measure the same, but they are more capacious.

Users interested in saving space can opt for compact dishwashers. With only 18 inches in size, they can take in 8 five-piece settings. An alternative just as discrete, but with the extra advantage of movability, consists of portable dishwashers, designed to save space. Plus, they need no special fixing and are ideal for occasional dishwashing. Knowing the main types of dishwasher available out there, you have a starting point to figure out what is the best dishwasher for you. There is, however, much more to take into account. Energy consumption levels, tub material, flexibility, cycles, sensors and noise levels are features that can make the difference between satisfaction and disappointment.

Saving resources, i.e. energy and water, is the very reason that pushes users to consider purchasing a dishwasher from the first place. The most efficient dishwashers are Energy Star certified, meaning they cut down energy consumption with up to 41%, which goes exactly to the point of using a dishwasher.

Tub material matters too. You can opt for stainless steel, slate or plastic, each one with specific advantages. Flexibility weighs in, so you can load all sorts of kitchen tools. Variety of cycles benefits you with versatility, so you can customize washing according to what type of tool you want to clean. The level of performance can be enhanced by a variety of sensors dedicated to monitoring and managing temperature, soil, water, detergent. The best dishwashers in 2014 also operate silently, so they do not impact the domestic atmosphere significantly.

What you need to consider in brief

- Size and capaciousness, in order to accommodate it perfectly and wash the intended amount

- Energy efficiency, so you can save on bills

- Tub material for longevity, performance in hygiene and resistance to odors and stains

- Variety of sensors for excellent management of internal conditions and resources (temperature detergent, water)

- Cycles, washing programs and flexibility, for customized cleaning

- Silent operation, for mitigating domestic noise pollution


Best Dishwashers Reviews


Tired of wasting time on doing dishes and looking for an energy and cost-effective tool than can make your life a whole lot easier and help you save on bills? Dishwashers are the obvious alternative you have to shift to in order to achieve such goals.  The best dishwashers reviews suggest what models match your demands once you accurately delineate your requirements, and vouch for the real performance of the devices you consider. Defining your requirements is the starting point, so you can think your choice through and figure out whether the incorporated features meet your established level of satisfaction.


SPT Countertop Dishwasher


sptOne of the best dishwashers in 2014, this model encourages you to invest due to its Energy Star certification. In the long run, the initial investment will pay off, since using this device will dramatically cut down energy consumption and hence expenses on bills. With its compact design, this 17.24-inch unit is easy to install under the kitchen counter. It also spares you the trouble of direct plumbing, being easily connectable to any tap. Ease of installation is complemented by a 6-cycles menu, so you can adjust the cleaning process to the type of dishes you want to wash.

“I am more than satisfied with how this SPT performs, it actually helps me to save on bills. But what I really like is the compact design and the silver finish that blends in very well with the rest of my kitchen furnishings. I love it because it changed my life!” – Christine Thomas



Bosch SHP65T55UC 500 Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher


Bosch SHP65T55UCIt is no surprise this Bosch model stand out as one of the top rated dishwashers in 2014. This standard 24-inch unit will not only perfectly adjust to your other furnishings, it will also help you manage kitchen cleaning efficiently. In this particular case, efficiency means both cutting down costs on energy bills (it is Energy Star certified) and handling a large amount of dishes, due to its roomy interior that accommodates 16 place settings. One feature virtually all customers love about this model is silent operation: it is outstandingly quiet, so you can get on with your domestic activities untroubled.

“My old dishwasher did its job perfectly – nothing to complain about that – but it was awfully loud. When I changed it, am I am glad I did, I decided on this jewel of a Bosh. This one is so quiet, I first had to double-check to see if it actually runs its cycle.” – Erika Smith


Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher


Danby DDW611WLEDLike all best dishwashers in 2014, this Danby model is Energy Star certified, helping you to save on energy bills in the long run, as well as to match your demands if you are a particularly eco-conscious customer. Its discrete design allows you to install it under any standard countertop, a task further simplified by its connectivity to any kitchen faucets. Water consumption is also kept low (about 3.17 gallons for a normal cycle), whereas the detergent dispenser rids you of the effort of constantly refilling it. In terms of versatility, it performs 6 wash cycles you can select from via the LED display.

“My wife always complains about how unpleasant it is for her to do the dishes. I don’t like it either, so I perfectly relate to her in this matter. My life – our lives, in fact – got a whole lot better since I bought this Danby. And we also get to save money on bills.” – Paul Clark


Amana Tall Tub Dishwasher, ADB1400PYS


Amana Tall Tub DishwasherYou can expect the top rated dishwashers in 2014 to be fitted with specific technologies that redefine performance in operation on this particular niche. This Amana tall tub unit boasts of a range of features that deliver customized cleaning, energy efficiency and, of course, quiet operation. It lacks nothing of what the most demanding customer could ask from a dishwasher. Capaciousness, Energy Star certification, special antimicrobial component to ensure perfect hygiene, 3 cycles to choose from and 4 additional options to customize the cleaning process even more, all these allow you to manage dishwashing  whenever you want and however you see fit.

“I am quite a picky customer, and I never settle for something that is or seems less than I demand. But this one has exceeded all my expectations. It works as claimed by the manufacturer, and I love the range of cycles and options. Quiet too, and if you ask me, that matters a lot.” – Jenny Wright


EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Countertop Portable Dishwasher


EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Countertop Portable DishwasherUnlike the typical built-in or tall tub dishwashers, this EdgeStar fills less space under the countertop, but you can also place it wherever you see fit. Unsurprisingly, it qualifies as one of the best dishwashers in 2014 precisely due to its inherent versatility, doubled by the amazing ease of installation: no heavy plumbing needs to be done; you can simply connect it to the closest tap and start running it. For a dishwasher of this size, it is quite roomy, handling 6 place settings, which makes it ideal for couples and small families. The child lock function adds up, ridding you of unnecessary concerns.

“I looked for nothing fancy, a model able to perform decently and was easy to install. This one caught my attention due to its child lock function, which I appreciate because I tend to overdramatize all things related to child care. I also like the delayed start cycle, which I often use.” – Patricia Robinson


LG LDS5540ST 24″ Stainless Steel Semi-Integrated Dishwasher


LG LDS5540STThis Energy Star certified machine comes highly recommended by the best dishwashers reviews. All its features turn it into the best buy you can make if you count on a full range of cycles that allow customized cleaning (5 wash cycles), as well as if you look for adjustability in order to handle various loads of dishes (14 place settings). The stainless steel interior withstands rust and stains, which eventually results in increased longevity and ease of maintenance, so you can get a sense of a smart investment. Quiet operation adds extra convenience, due to the LoDecibel technology that prevents noise to go over 48dB.

“I am all about saving resources and money, if possible. But I never compromise for the sake of economy, because I also appreciate convenience. This LG is the dishwasher of my dreams: efficient, spacious, powerful and yet unbelievably quiet. I am glad I bought it, because there is nothing more anyone could ask from a dishwasher.” – Barbara Collins